About Us

The Right Side of the Brain is a creative agency that thinks 'outside the box'. We have over 30 years experience with government, corporate, medical and retail clients in all areas of production. We work seamlessly with a large network of freelancers, studios and talent agencies.

Whether large or small, we will assemble the right resources to get your project done on time and on budget.

What We Do


Marketing and Strategy

A clearly thought out strategy is a prerequisite for efficient, effective marketing. For years we've been helping all kinds of clients develop their brands and produce engaging, memorable creative.


Words, Design and Print

Good design and concise copy equals clear communication. Before putting mouse to screen, we put pen to paper to determine the best approach. We produce all types of print and web media, including large-format signage.


Film, Video and Digital

We use technology to make productions more accountable and more creative. We keep pace with emerging and established trends, whilst retaining traditional, tried and tested production techniques.

Recent Clients